Video Drove Services

Cambodia Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh is the outstanding shooting range company in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Now we extremely declare our new drone with it's original camera for your greatly memories shooting range is avalaible.

Cambodia shooting range at Fuel barrels from drone 

Drone Service For Rent Around Phnom Penh and Cambodia

We acknowledge that Firing Range is one of the most interesting and top things to do while traveling around Cambodia. Therefore, we provide free edited videos/photos and drone video with  it's original CAMERA. So, it can make your shooting tours more fantastic and becoming the unforgettable!

Cambodia shoot RPG into drone

The drone is available everyday at the Cambodia Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh. Please make a booking in advance (At least 3 hours before going to the outdoor shooting range).

Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh Drone

If you would like to get the drone service, please pay a 99$ extra for the service. This service can be available in the Shooting Range budgets only.

Note, if you are going to shoot RPG (Bazooka Rocket Launcher) into targets like, Fueled barrels, house with petrol ballels we are given you aCambodia shooting range outdoor phnom penh videos drone service and customized videos.


provide customized videos and the cameras, we are using are Gopro 4, Drone DJI Pathon IV, Canon digital camera and smart phone cameras like, tablet and Iphone furthermore, all the cameras will be set at various angles to catch every of your actions of your free style shooting range. We are giving our clients the best shooting range service from Cambodia shooting range outdoor phnom penh. 


Shoot RPG into house with fueled barells and drone viewe

Hit at the actuarate targets!

Blow RPG up into hut with fuel barrels and big  gas tanks| Drone View 22.02.2017

Cambodia shooting range at Fuel barrels from drone

Shoot RPG at Drone 

Cambodia shooting range at Fuel barrels from drone 


Cambodia shooting range at Fuel barrels from drone

The Flame and the Smoke Rocket Launcher hit on Target

Cambodia shooting range at Fuel barrels from drone


Shooting RPG bazooka at barrels. From DRONE!

The line of fires being hit by the bazooka (DRONE VIEWS)

Rambo WIG Rocket Launcher shooter, Shot 9rpgs and 12 fueled barells

The Hollywood explosion photos

I said "YES"! Finally I did it and good DRONE for the event

Smiling to the DRONE, Good shot!

I love shooting guns 

Laughing in a self defense style, no where else can not be fun than

let the photo describes how the activities are