Shoot RPG Bazooka Rocket launcher into house petrol barrel

Firing rpg2 (bazooka, rocket launcher) into a single house with full of fuel barrels and gas tank is one of a must things to do while travel Phnom Penh's captal of Cambodia and is the only shooting range club that you can shoot any types of guns and it's ammo.


Everyone has been only seen/heard from tv and others sources that he/she can shoot rpg into houses with petrol barrels, mostly in Hollyhood's movies and beside the scence will be not allowed to shoot RPG Bazooka Rocket launcher into house petrol barrel.


Hey wait a minute my friends, please take an adventure tstraight to Cambodida and make a booking with us "Cambodia shooting range outdoor phnom penh" in advance and then your dreams of firing rpg into big petrol barrels, house with gas tanks will become true. afterward worth for what you are paying for it!  


Please feel free take a look at our past experience of rpg shooters and shot at a perfect targets

Darcy, 21.07.2017. to shoot rpg bazooka rocket launcher into house petrol barrel is needed to inform us at least one ahead because the house is need to prepare raw materials in advances.

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