Shoot rpg bazooka rocket launcher cars gas tanks petrol barrel

Shooting range in Cambodia is one of the a must thing to do while adventuring across the country, so if anyone has a chance to visit Cambodia, please travel straight to phnom penh and then go directly to the Cambodia Shooting-Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh shoot plenty of authentic as you would like to fire.


Shooting rpg (bazooka rocket launcher) riffles and others big authentic machines like pkm machine, k57 anti plane Dooshka or 50 caliber are   

want to do something difference by making big targets houses with petrol barrels or old cars with full of gas tanks and fueled barrels inside of the cars sure it's going to very extemely big big explosions with sparks from the gas tanks and the old cars. 

Please take a look at those guys who's firnig any types of weapons and ammo. And the art of the shooting is shoot one by one or stand in a line to shoot at those targets.

For sure at the outdoor camboda shooting-firing rnage outdoor phnom penh is the range where you can shout while doing the firing and stand in roof or outside the shadow.


Please visit us "Cambodia Shooting-Firing range Outdoor Phnom Penh" for unique and great experience in a one lifetime expience.