English Speaking Tour Guides to Phnom Penh Cambodia

Looking for Professional/Personal English Speaking Tour Guides to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to go around the country with long years experience in tour industry. For vocations across Cambodia, your holiday passionate will come out.

Traveling from a place into the worldwide and then straight to Cambodia to see to visit something different from the places that they have been staying so far, in order to release, to throw out the tensions away. Although, Cambodia is one of the small country in the world but it's fulling of things to visit such as: Temples, natural resources(lakes, rivers mountains and more..), Buildings.

Dear Valuable Clients, I am Pho, the English Speaking Tour Guide to Phnom Penh orientation city tours and your guide to the Cambodia Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh. So interested in Phnom Penh Shooting Range Ak 47, RPG Bazooka and then Phnom Penh cultural history tours, please consider me as your helper! Feel free to contact me. Call:  +85589797079 email: pho@cambodiafr.com    

Beside Phnom Penh, Siem Reap Angkor Wat, visitor can also take trips to Sihanouk Ville and other provinces around Cambodia. We are happy to assist you, we are the expert English Speaking Tour Guides in Cambodia, on other hand, we have been in the tours industry for decades.


Tour Guides, seeing a place without knowing it's backgrounds from the past till now and culture it might be missed something or the trips is not filled. Your trips will be more pleasure  when have selected a professional local expert, here we are the  Professional Cambodia English Speaking Tour Guides in Phnom Penh, around the country and long years experience in tour industry.

Cambodia tour guides's uniform while guiding  tourists around the country

Cambodia English Speaking Tour Guides Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are qualified tour guides and licensed from Ministry of Tourist of Cambodia.

From year to year we have been riceiving hundreds of tourists propose us to serve around Cambodia. Coming with us your holiday dreams will come true.    

Not only, Professional English Speaking Tour Guides, there are more professional languages such as: Japanese, German, Spanish, Thai, French, Italian, Russian and more... 

The video above describes the Cambodia's most visited spots  around the country.

Groups or Personal Tours Please let us in advance and give time for us to arrnge it for you  

Please tell us how many days do you want to explore Cambodia and which city you intend to visit.