Cambodia Shooting Range

Cambodia Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh, AK47, M16, PKM/M60, K-57, M79 (Grenade Launchers), RPDs, Hand Grenades, 50 Calbers and RPGs (Bazooka, B40, Rocket Launchers). 2 decades of experiences in the shooting range business. have provided fantastic and also unique experience to hundreds of  thousands of customers and produced hundreds of Videos.

If you are seeking for the best shooting range service in Cambodia, please come us "Cambodia Shooting Range-Firing Outdoor Phnom Penh" worth for the payments. Take a look at our Videos qualities and reviews.

"Shooting RPG (Bazooka, Rocket launcher) into houses with petrol barrel. 3 huts has shot down so far, car with fueled barrels or propane tanks and a 4 standing barrels are one in a lifetime experience it's almost like driving a tank in Kiev, Ukraine is also one in a lifetime. It's very worth for money, totally". our clients's experiences!. 


Cambodia Shooting-Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh, more video and nice pics of shooting rpg please feel free visit

02/09/2017 blow some shit petrol barrels with RPG rocket launcher, shoot every single fueled barells till 4 petrol barrels and a big gas cylinder. perfect hit at the targets and grear explosions 

Multiple RPG 2 (Bazooka Rocket Launcher) shooters

Phnom Penh Shooting Range RPG Bazooka into 4 Fueled barrels, One of the best scenes from our records!

Cambodia Shooting Range, Shoot RPG Bazooka into 3 standing barrels. "On Targets" she said! 

Complimentary like, Free tranpsort, Cold beers/soft drinks, Edited videos, the costumized videos (video drone services) are the long lasting memmories from our Outdoor Shooting Range company. Please visit the YouTube UpDating Videos

 * Notations, Please call/whatsapp/viber us yourself @ +85589797079 Email: . there are several indoor shooting range companies, when you're asking the hotel receptionishs or tuk tuk/taxi drivers to call us, they likely call the wronge numbers or wrong places.

Please, call, email and speak with us directly 

We are located at a mountainous area of Phnom Penh, takes 90-120 minutes by driving cars, single way, Kompong Speu Province.

31.08.2017 the Japaneses men


02.08.2017. Played all type of guns, it doesn't matter small or big Shoot rpg into a big  gas tank and 4standing fueled barrels

Smiley hand grenades and cheer clod beer

throw hand grenade drink cold anchor beer

07/20.2017 Shoot rpg (Bazooka Rocket Launcher) into a fueled barrel house, the flames is definitely coming out flies into sky, drone footage videos


The Terminintor defense 24.06.2017 

04/May/2017 Giant Tatoos/RamboMuscles Extremely RPG Bazooka

James, Cambodia Shooting Range RPG, 29th, 04, 2017

07 04 2017. Christ, Rambo RPGs Bazookas PKM Machine Guns

Authentic experience in Cambodia Shooting Range

10/02/2017 Shoot rpg at a barrel 


26th/12/2016 Just wanted to document my activities

Shooting RPG bazooka against mountain

Shooting RPG (Bazooka) Against Mountain

Pretty Awesome RPG (Bazooka)shooter 17/03/2016 finally, you are able to hit a small gas tank, above half mater from the ground. Pretty awesome!!!  

On the other hand, Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh,​ Cambodia is one of the last stop spot for every visitors who want to fire authentic rifles and ammo while traveling around the city. Shooting Range in Phnom  Penh,Cambodia.




Shooting range M-16 in Cambodia shooting range outdoor phnom penh