Cambodia Shooting RPG Bazooka Rocket

Shooting an RPG, bazooka is one of the extremely excited things to do and it's one of the best experiences for your holiday in Cambodia (also other countries else). Furthermore, the place is the only one place that you can blow up RPGs (bazookas Rocket Launcher) other common heavy weapons and common firearm (please visit price list page), to fire the big  and power we need to travel to the Cambodia Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh/Mountainside,  

The Outdoor Range is kind of a long driving it takes around 90-120minutes from Phnom Penh Riverside Royal Palace (Sisowath Quay). Anyways, cold beers are always infront of you, please enjoy your meaning times.

At the outdoor range our video cameras has ever never missed your activities, it will be sent to you when it was edited by our group. 

Cambodia Shooting Range RPGs Outdoor Phnom Penh #4 shooting a bazooka, hand grenade, M-79 or grenade launcher and K-50 Caliber 

Phnom Penh Shooting RPGs and machine guns like Rambo style at the Cambodia Firing Range Outdoor RPGs Phnom Penh, and the only one place in the capital of Cambodia. The sounds of enjoyable will be blowing up when you the head  of bazooka hit the targets like gas tanks or gian barrels with some petrols inside of the barrels immediately move down, the flaming will appear up into space with the sound of explosions (like the video above) from gas tanks or gian barrel and the RPGs's sound also. Cambodia  Shooting RPGs in Phnom Penh


How to hit a target !:) Our gun range instructtors will always stay close to you, train you one by one on how to make to hit targets or great explosions, in order to make a good video for your entire experiences.

Shooting Range in phnom penh Cambodia  with RPG and M16

Shooting Rocket launcher RPG in Cambodia  at the outskirt of Phnom Penh is the last stop holiday in Phnom Penh of Cambodia, and it's one of the extremely glad thing to do when the head of bazooka fly direct hit targets and then great explosion begin, spark blow up into spaces. Shooting rocket launcher RPG Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Any special parties can be happened if we get an order from our cliens. Personal tours, huge group tours please make a request and then give us times to follow your requests. 

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Yes, Coming to phnom penh to shoot Rocket Launchers and other weapons at the Cambodia Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh, it's the only one place that you can shoot RPGs in Phnom Penh of Cambodia